Our VPN Experts

Bob Maxwell

Bob Maxwell is the chief editor of VPN Choice and one of the final gates to a high VPN ranking. If any provider wants to make it to the top five, it has to make it through Bob first.

Bob is a computer scientist and engineer from Sydney, Australia. As a child, he struggled in school- owing to his habit of ‘wasting time’ on the computer. Teachers would tell his parents that he was on the wrong track- but he knew what he was doing. He saw an opportunity in computers, and he was determined to jump on it.

When Edward Snowden exposed corrupt practices and violations of user privacy in cyberspace, he was disillusioned. The pure cyber-utopia he had envisioned as a child disintegrated before his eyes, and corrupt forces- government and corporate- crept in.

It was that year when he started looking into ways to safeguard his data and the data of others. He had a hunch that intrusions on privacy, restrictions of free speech, and data-harvesting practices would only grow in the coming years. Time and time again, he has been proven right.

Called a ‘tech prophet’ by his friends – a joking term meant to poke fun at his ability to forecast grim events – he has been foreseeing decreases in cybersecurity for ages. But there’s no magic to it – the formula is simple – if there’s a chance to abuse technology, certain forces will eventually take advantage of that.

He wanted – and still wants – a safe internet. That’s why he, with the help of his colleague, decided to create this website for ranking the best VPN providers around the world, no matter their size. For Bob, it’s all about fairness, honesty, and openness. He still genuinely believes that the safe, secure platform for sharing information that the internet promised can come about.

Marcus Albury

Marcus Albury was never an emotional guy. Growing up, the kids used to call him a robot and make beeping noises at him. It didn’t bother him though- he had run the calculations, performed some analytics, and concluded that they were just a tad insecure.

When he finally went to college in 2012, he knew exactly what he would be studying from the get-go: mathematics. Day and night he studied, dedicating all of his time to understanding how numbers add up and what may be missing from an equation. When it eventually paid off, he found himself hoping that he would be taken up by a university or some other prestigious institution.

But, when he met Bob Maxwell, things changed. Maxwell, his colleague and co-founder of VPN Choice, spoke to him about the importance of user privacy and the violations of it going on before our very eyes. Gradually, he came to see that his skills and his passion could be used for a greater purpose- privacy and security.

It took a long time to convince Marcus. He worked as an analyst for a number of big-name firms before finally signing on to co-found a VPN Choice with Bob. Since then, the site has taken off, providing honest and fair rankings for VPNs all across the web, no matter how small.

Marcus was a straight-A student all throughout school and learned the importance of standards early on. That’s why he developed the most strict and analytical formulas for ranking VPNs on any site. When it came to this website, there was nothing too good. No amount of research too much.

Marcus has found meaning in providing information to people who want fair, serviceable VPN providers. He upholds only the highest standards for VPN rankings, and he hopes you’ll trust his site for all your VPN needs.